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Voquality was formed  in 2014, by Ken Burton,  the award-winning choral conductor, composer, TV personality,  music educator and broadcaster. and covers the following areas: 


Film/Recording Session Choir - for broadcast (TV/Radio), films, commercial recordings, and commercials.  Most clients call Ken Burton and the Voquality Singers for projects requiring a sound which combines traditional Classical choral with music from the African diaspora - be it pure African music, or its "offspring" - such as soul/Jazz/gospel. Ken's musical experience, training, and large portfolio of activities in both the choral and orchestral world as a conductor, composer, arranger, and producer, gives him a strong and quick understanding of requirements. 

Publishing Of Digital Music Scores, Recordings & Music Educational resources -  Many of  Ken Burton's compositions, and educational resources, such as the nationally popular Gospel Music Resource Pack and Vocal Warm-Ups are/will be published under Voquality Ltd, available as digital downloads from such sites as Ken Burton's music is also published by Peters Edition, Faber Music, RSCM and OUP. Titles under those publishers will not be available on the Voquality catalogue. 

Ken Burton  is a well known international name. He regularly appears on, and works with UK television  programmes, among them Songs Of Praise (BBC) The Choir: Sing While You Work (BBC), The X-Factor (ITV), The X-Factor USA (Fox). He is conductor of the award-winning London Adventist Chorale, Croydon SDA Gospel Choir, founder director of AVE (The Adventist Vocal Ensemble),  one of the most broadcast choirs on UK national television's premier TV station, founder director of the male quartet Tessera, which regularly appears on UK television,  director of the light Classica gospel crossover trio Dixon, Burton and Billett, and adds to all of that the Voquality Session Choir. As well as choral, orchestral directing and performing, Burton is a regular adjudicator for televised choral and singing competitions, and also director of the sacred music recording label AVE International Ltd. 

The Name and Logo

The name is a portmanteau of "vocal quality", which is what we aspire to deliver,  a principle we apply to our work.

It also indicates one of the philosophies of the company which is to help to raise standards by offering opportunities to talented singers who have just graduated from conservatoire, or university, to get experience, obviously being booked under the same conditions and expectations as everyone else in terms of fees, and expected professionalism.

The logo - a V - is shaped like a wave - representing sound waves, as well as the wave like movements of vocal folds; the right hand side is like the arch of an auditorium; the texture also looks like paper - representing a scroll (music manuscript); the rather 'flexible' looking texture represents the freedom and flexibility the ensemble brings.



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