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Be A Part

Are you a session singer? Ever wanted to do session singing? Ever wanted to be a part of a recording? A film?

Everyone was born with a voice. Whilst training the voice is most definitely recommended, the truth is there are lots of people who sing well without having had a formal voice education; many of them go on to make it big in the singing world. Because one does not need a license, or even a formal voice education to sing, and due to the fact that a career in the music industry is a magnificent career, naturally there are many trying to make a career out of singing. Some will succeed for a variety of reasons,  and be able to  live comfortably on what they earn. Others do a bit of professional singing on the side, whilst maintaining a regular job. 

For some engagements, Ken Burton likes to balance his session singers with singers who are well seasoned and experienced in the industry with those who are starting in the industry or studying voice.


If you are a session singer, studying voice (studying means at higher educational level in a conservatoire, or music degree), or have had experience in the music industry, then please be in touch. Naturally if you are already on a directory, or have videos and audio, then you already have a head start. A biography/CV is obviously going to be needed, however at the end of the day it really is the performance and specific required skills that makes a person initially eligible to be considered for any engagement. It goes without saying that a professional attitude is a prerequisite.


Those involved in full-time singing will always be considered first. The reasons for this should be quite obvious, and include (but not limited) the following:


1) if someone is a full-time singer, that person relies on singing employment, therefore possessing an awareness  of the need to deliver;

2) if someone is a full-time singer, they are experienced and aware of the process of a recording session. Sessions are highly expensive, and much financial loss can be incurred when working with people who do not have the necessary experience.  

3) if someone is making their living from singing, paying taxes through it,  it is simple basic fairness to make sure they get the work to help them sustain their career.   

4) there have been occasions when singers who are not in full-time singing, or music,  have been given leave from their day jobs, and then there is a crisis at work, or the boss is away,  or representatives from head office are coming to visit unexpectedly and your employer now needs all hands on deck, and at the last minute you can no longer make the session! You've put the session in jeopardy and the contractor in jeopardy.  When a client asks for 20 singers, they will expect 20, not 19 and an excuse and apology! 


There will be full time session singers who could come up with another 10 reasons, but those are some of the key ones. 



In summary, priority is given to:

1. Full time trained and experienced singers/those working in music full time. 

2. Strong SIGHT readers 



How much does one get paid?


The music industry has set rates. A representative for musicians, voted for by musicians,  will have  a long meeting with a representative from film, or from the record industry, or from TV, and they talk, and talk some more, and thrash out a deal which is fair to both sides. Both sides need to eat, both sides need to be able to sustain their respective lives and industries, and so a fair system is negotiated. 

All the fees and conditions are  available online publicly. It is not a guarded secret.  Typically, singers are required to sign a form which constitutes an official agreement between all parties.  Where such an agreement, does not exist (for example in another country), a rate will be negotiated, normally based on UK rates, but with the  understanding that the UK does have one of the largest economies in the world, and so there will naturally be occasions where the rate may be according to the national economy of the country in question.


If you do wish to be considered to be called,  please do not hesitate to be in touch. There have been many occasions where some have been brave enough to put themselves forward, and have done lots of work. Voquality is not limited to any specific

 genre. The Voquality Singers have done film scores (Classical), contemporary music industry recordings, and  gospel among others.  Clients can ask for anything - sometimes they ask for very strong readers (a regular request), sometimes very strong Soul voices, sometimes Jazz type voices. Whilst this industry does need to be protected and properly managed,  it cannot exist except for real people! If you are reading this, perhaps you are interested. Do get in touch using a form on the contact us or home page. 


Finally, Voquality does not offer management, and is not an exclusive organisation. As with many similar organisations within the industry it is a ‘brand’ name, and each event is managed on a case by case basis. If you have accepted work with Voquality, you are not bound to Voquality, and can of course accept work with any other person or organisation. 

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