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Voquality Singers (small groups/choirs)

Voquality contracts and subcontracts singers for the music and broadcast industry. Its pool of singers have a wealth of experience between them, having performed and recorded with the world's top artists. For most of the engagements, Ken Burton is present as director or singer/director , and is therefore able to use his choral expertise in achieving a premium quality sound. In many cases, Burton is responsible for doing the arrangements. He is internationally known as a published choral composer and arranger, with a number of his works published by major music publishers, including Faber Music, OUP and RSCM. (Some are, of course, published by Voquality's publishing division.) 


In many projects, singers have been referred to as Ken Burton Voices and Ken Burton Singers, however it was Burton's desire to have a name which reflects the fact that it's all about teamwork and no one person (after all without singers saying 'yes' there would be no session!), hence a name which reflected an ethos: bringing quality musicianship through fine singers, hence the vary obvious play on the word "vocality": Voquality. 



What Kind Of Genres We Do

Close Harmony/A Cappella/Soul/Gospel/Classical/Commercial Genres/Jingles


What Kinds Of Projects We Do 

The foundation of Burton's life is his Christian faith, and most of what he does is in the field of sacred music. Voquality's music activities and genres are wide and varied, and include non-sacred music genres, nevertheless there are still requests which may not be comfortable for Burton to accept,  such  as occult themes, themes of a sexual / sensual nature, profane language, themes opposed to/ridiculing/making light of spiritual themes etc.. 

Lyrical themes which Voquality will be happy to consider are themes of love (relationships, spreading love), joy, peace, perseverance, etc... In fact, as many of the singers Burton is connected with come from a gospel background, they give heartfelt soul and expression to whatever we are singing.



What Have We Done?

[As mentioned above, please note that the Voquality Singers have performed under different names] 

Performing as Ken Burton Singers/Ken Burton Voices or Voquality Singers:

Black Panther  (Marvel) - film score

The Book Of Strange Things - score 

Cannes Film Festival, tribute to Stephen Spielberg (Jazz)

Dan Balan - album projects (Pop)

Danish Television Christmas Concerts (Various genres)

The X Factor (UK/US) - subcontracted by Annie Skates / Capital Voices [7 x series, working with contestants & artists, including, Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Robbie Williams, One Direction)  etc..

Holiday On Ice 



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